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18 June 2024   |    News

Change to the law on prescriptions for puberty blockers for under 18s

The week before last, new UK Government regulations changed the rules on what kinds of prescriptions can be used to obtain puberty blockers prescribed for people aged under 18 at pharmacies. The rules apply in England, Scotland and Wales. Read on to find out more.

18 April 2024   |   News

Response to decision to pause referrals to Paediatric Endocrinology from Sandyford Young People’s Gender Service 18.4.24

Today, the Sandyford Young People’s Gender Service, based at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, has announced that they will no longer be referring under 18s for endocrine treatments.

10 April 2024   |   News

Our initial response to the publication of the Cass Review 10.4.24

You may have seen that Dr. Hilary Cass has now published the final report of her review of NHS gender identity services for children and young people in England.

We’re still reading and digesting the report, but wanted to share some initial thoughts.

16 November 2023   |   News

Scottish Government publishes Non-Binary Equality Action Plan

LGBTI organisations welcome Scottish Government plans to improve the lives of non-binary people

9 August 2023   |   News

Scottish Trans joins legal challenge to UK Government’s veto of Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

The charity says that the Secretary of State’s block of an improved gender recognition process achieves nothing other than to “force trans men and women to continue to have to use an intrusive, difficult and expensive process simply to live their lives with the dignity we all deserve.”

30 June 2023   |   News

Scottish Government granted permission in their case about the UK Government’s block of the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill

The Scottish Government have been granted permission to take the UK Government’s decision to use section 35 of the Scotland Act 1998 to block the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill to Judicial Review.

6 April 2023   |   News

Response to letters between EHRC and Kemi Badenoch on defining sex as “biological sex” in the Equality Act 2010

We will undoubtedly say more over the coming weeks and months, particularly if the UK Government decides to pursue this course of action. For now, these are just proposals – they would have to go through consultation, and the UK Parliament, to actually become changes to the law. But these are some initial thoughts on the suggestion that “sex” in the Equality Act should be defined as “biological sex”.

27 February 2023   |   News

National LGBT+ organisations call on the FM candidates to continue with commitments to LGBT+ equality

National LGBT+ organisations in Scotland have written today to each of the candidates standing to be next First Minister, to ask that they commit to honouring existing Scottish Government commitments to improve LGBT+ people’s lives, and to continue progressing LGBT+ equality.

27 January 2023   |   News

Scottish Trans statement on Isla Bryson case 27.01.23

23 November 2022   |   News

Final amendments on Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill at Stage Two

Following on from last week’s session (https://www.scottishtrans.org/first-amendments-passed-on-grr-at-stage-two/) the Scottish Parliament’s Equalities, Human Rights, and Civil Justice Committee met yesterday to debate and vote on the remaining proposed amendments to the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill.

6 October 2022   |   News

Trans equality organisation welcomes recommendations from Scottish Parliament Committee to reform the Gender Recognition Act

Scottish Trans, the trans equality project of LGBTI equality and human rights charity the Equality Network, has welcomed the Scottish Parliament’s Equalities, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee’s publication today of the Stage One report on the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill.

7 September 2022   |   News

Response to VICE World News Story that UK Prime Minister Liz Truss wants to ‘pause or prevent’ Scottish Gender Recognition Act reform

We respond to the VICE World News Story that the new UK Prime Minister, Liz Truss, has sought legal advice to try and ‘pause or prevent’ reform of the Gender Recognition Act in Scotland.

13 July 2022   |   News

Scottish Government responds to thirty-five recommendations from Working Group on Non-Binary Equality

Today, July 13th 2022, the Scottish Government has published its response to thirty-five recommendations from the Working Group on Non-binary Equality, as well as a report from the group explaining its recommendations.

31 March 2022   |   News

Trasgender Day of Visibility 2022

“We take today to recognise the beauty and strength of our community, our creativity and bravery in the face of adversity. But we know that transphobia will not go away overnight, and that we as trans people and allies have to support each other and work together to get to the better world we know is coming.”

3 March 2022   |   News

Equality organisations welcome Scottish Government’s Gender Recognition Reform Bill

National LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) organisations in Scotland have welcomed the Scottish Government’s Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, published today.

17 February 2022   |   News

Trans equality charity welcome Court of Session decision on transgender rights

Court upholds Census guidance allowing trans men and women to self-identify their lived sex

25 January 2022   |   News

Scottish Trans joins legal challenge to protect trans people’s equal participation in the next Scottish Census

Equality charity says that attempt to overturn well established guidance for trans men and trans women answering the Census is ‘misguided’ and will send a message that ‘they aren’t counted equally in Scotland’.

20 December 2021   |   News

Scottish Government publishes National Action Framework to transform Gender Identity Services

Today, the Scottish Government has published their three year strategic action framework for transforming gender identity services.

13 September 2021   |   News

An update and message from our Policy Officer Becky

“I hope this finds you all well. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been in touch. Sorry for that. Life has been very hectic for me since we came down to South Africa to care for Karen’s mum…

2 September 2021   |   News

Scottish Government publishes Gender Recognition Bill consultation analysis

Today, the Scottish Government has published its analysis of responses to the consultation on the draft Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, which ran from October 2019 – March 2020.

12 August 2021   |   News

Scottish Government publishes “Supporting Transgender Pupils in Schools” Guidance

Today, Scottish Trans and LGBT Youth Scotland welcome the news that the Scottish Government have launched an updated resource for supporting transgender pupils in schools.

19 July 2021   |   News

Template letter to get the name on your EU Settled Status changed

In March of this year, we were pleased to help an EU Citizen get their EU Settlement Scheme Settled Status updated to reflect their current name. Initially, the Home Office had insisted on using the person’s old name, as shown on their passport from their country of origin. We know that other people may be in the same situation. So we wanted to share a letter that you can send to the Home Office, to get them to change your Settled Status if it’s been issued using the name on your passport, so that it matches your identity.

8 July 2021   |   News

UK Supreme Court Case on Gender X Passports

On Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th July, the UK Supreme Court will be hearing the case of “R (on the application of Elan-Cane) (Appellant) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Respondent)”. It will decide whether or not the UK Government policy of requiring all people who apply for a UK passport to declare themselves ‘male’ or ‘female’, and to be recorded this way on their passport, is discriminatory.

18 May 2021   |   News

Update about phalloplasty and metoidioplasty at St Peter’s Andrology

We know that some of you may be aware that St Peter’s Andrology Centre, the team that provides phalloplasty and metoidioplasty surgery (masculinising genital surgery), reached the end of their contract recently. This means that at the minute, there is no surgical provider across the UK for these procedures. Find out more about what’s going on and support you can access in the meantime if you are worried.

19 April 2021   |   News

Information about covid vaccines

We’ve been hearing that some trans people are having problems registering for a covid vaccine, or are concerned that they have not been invited for their vaccines when they should have been. This is not happening to all trans people, and many have registered or received their invitations as normal. Read on to find more details, and let us know what’s been going on for you

23 March 2021   |   News

Trans equality charity welcome Court of Session Decision on transgender rights

Court rules that Scottish Government acted lawfully in including trans women in an equal opportunities measure to improve women’s representation on public boards

22 March 2021   |   News

Have you registered to vote?

The deadline to register for a postal vote is Tuesday 6th April.

The deadline to register to vote in person is Monday 19th April.

Sometimes, trans people can face delays in registering to vote. Apply as soon as you can to make sure you’re registered before the deadline!

19 March 2021   |   News

Success for trans EU citizen getting settled status

We’re delighted to share that the Scottish Just Law Centre, which we are a partner organisation in with Just Right Scotland, has successfully challenged the Home Office on their requirement that a trans EU citizen had to have their settled status issued using their old name as shown on their passport from their country of origin.

8 March 2021   |   News

International Women’s Day 2021 #ChooseToChallenge

This International Women’s Day, three members of the Equality Network and Scottish Trans team reflect on what they #ChooseToChallenge in the fight for gender equality

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