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Scottish Parliament Committee recommends approval of equal marriage bill

We are very happy to report that the Scottish Parliament Equal Opportunities Committee has recommended that the Parliament approves the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill at stage 1. The recommendation is in the Committee’s stage 1 report to the Parliament.

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New Fee Structure for Gender Recognition Panel

The Ministry of Justice is bringing in a new fee system for all tribunals including the Gender Recognition Panel. Despite our own consultation response, and that of other organisations, stating that a single system for all tribunals would have a disproportionately adverse effect on certain applicants, including trans people, the UK Government has decided to go ahead with the proposals.

If you are planning to apply for gender recognition you may wish to consider doing so before the new system comes into place on Monday 7th October.

The new system will work as follows:

Disposable Capital Test

  • This first test assesses the applicant’s disposable capital e.g. savings, investments, second homes etc
  • If an applicant has £3000 or more of disposable capital they will be required to pay the full fee – currently £140 (although this may change when this system comes into force)
  • If an applicant has under £3000 of disposable capital they will move onto the Gross Monthly Income Test

Gross Monthly Income Test

  • This second test assesses the applicant’s gross monthly income i.e. their monthly income before tax from all sources except excluded benefits
  • If an applicant’s income is below the threshold set out in the table below they will not have to pay a fee


  • If an applicant’s income is over the relevant threshold set out in the table above they will be required to make a contribution towards their fee of £5 for each additional £10 income above the threshold, up to the value of the fee e.g. if an applicant has an income of £1185, an additional £100 over the relevant threshold, they will be required to pay £50 towards the fee


Contracts for the Provision of Gender Reassignment Surgical Services Announced

We are very pleased that the contracts providing for gender reassignment surgery to trans people in Scotland have been awarded.  [Read more…]

The Scottish Trans Alliance has submitted evidence on the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill

We have now submitted our evidence to the Equal Opportunities Committee on the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill. If you would like to read our evidence you can view it here.

Thousands March at Glasgow Pride Amid Protests Over Russian Anti-LGBT Abuses

News coverage of Glasgow Pride and the growing protests over the situation in Russia.


Glasgow’s Lord Provost Raises Gay Rights With Russia

Great news that the pressure on Russia is continuing to grow. Lets use our strong ties with the Russian people to bring an end to human rights abuses in that country.



Twitter Bigot Ordered to Pay Gay Rights Campaigner £40,000 for Calling Her a Paedophile

A Scottish equal marriage campaigner has been awarded damages for defamation after she received homophobic abuse on twitter.



Volunteer with us at Pride Glasgow

Pride Scotia 2012

The Equality Network and Scottish Trans Alliance will once again be taking part in Pride Glasgow on Saturday 10th August. As well as having a presence in the Pride Parade we’ll be represented in the Pride Market.

The parade will assemble from 11am on Glasgow Green and set off at 12pm the parade leaves Glasgow Green the full route can be found here.

We’re looking for enthusiastic people to help out on the day and support our work for trans equality. If you’d like to help make a difference please volunteer online and we will be in touch shortly.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill update

We have published a paper on the changes to the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill we are seeking for trans and intersex people. [Read more…]

Research Opportunity

Ipsos MORI has been commissioned by the Scottish Government to undertake some research among the general public looking at the way personal data is collected and used by organisations for research purposes. Ipsos MORI is keen that trans people have the opportunity to take part in the research.

However, the research is not specifically about trans issues and you would not be asked to discuss your sexual orientation, gender identity or issues relating to these at the events (you should, of course, feel free to do so if you wish, however).

There is an event in Glasgow on Saturday 13th July and one in Edinburgh on Saturday 3rd August. Each event starts at 9:45 and will be finished by 3pm. As a ‘thank you’ for your time and to cover any expenses incurred, you will receive £50 at the end of the event.

The discussion event will be divided into three main sessions which will cover the way in which organisations, including the Scottish Government and the NHS, collect and use information about the population. The sessions will be relaxed and informal, they will not be ‘hard work’ and you do not have to be an ‘expert’ on anything! Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

There are a small number of places. If you think you might be able to help out, please contact christopher.mclean@ipsos.com