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Trans Friendly Venue Charter

We are supporting activists to develop a Trans Friendly Venue Charter for private venues around Scotland. These pages will keep you up to date on any decisions made about the progress of the campaign, and eventually will provide details of the charter and those venues around Scotland that have signed up.

The idea for a Charter was conceived as a response to the perceived need for greater trans acceptance in private venues, bars and clubs across Scotland. You can join the Facebook organising group if you are interested in participating in the project in any way. 

The initial idea of how the campaign might take shape is as follows:

  • the establishment of an organising group of people who are interested in helping to run the campaign.
  • with involvement of the wider Scottish trans and/or non-binary community, the establishment of a charter of key points we feel that a trans friendly venue should follow.
  • Launching and publicising the established trans venue charter in order to get venues to sign up to the charter.
  • Establishing a list of signed up venues, along with a reporting and improvement procedure to ensure that the venues which have signed up adhere to the charter.

We ran a survey to ask trans people in Scotland about their experiences of using private licensed venues, to inform the work of the organising group going forward.

Find out more about the findings from our survey on trans people’s experiences in private licensed venues in Scotland:

TFVC – summary of key survey findings

TFVC – survey findings in full