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Our campaigning is funded through donations

We need your support to continue our work for trans equality in Scotland. Your donations are vitally important and ensure we can continue to help make Scotland a place in which everyone can live free from prejudice and discrimination.

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Ways you can support us

Donating is just one of several ways you can support us.

You could participate in our events, campaigns and consultations.

You could become a volunteer with us.

You could let people know we exist and share our information resources.

You could like our Facebook page, follow and retweet @ScottishTrans on Twitter, and sign up to our e-newsletter using the form below.

Most importantly, you can support us simply by calmly standing up for trans people’s equality and rights. Trans people are less than 0.6% of Scotland’s population, so supportive friends, families and allies can make a huge difference to our levels of inclusion in society.

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