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Support Groups in Scotland

This list of support groups is current as of April 2017.  These groups are run by different individuals and are separate from the STA.  To obtain further information about a group, please contact the group directly. Any trans support group is welcome to provide us with their details for inclusion here.  If you would like to have your group added to this list, or if any information needs updating, please contact vic@equality-network.org.

Beyond Gender

 Tuesday evenings from 7–9pm

Group for transgender, non-binary & intersex people and their friends aged 13–25 in Edinburgh. Contact: beyondgender@lgbtyouth.org.uk or visit http://www.beyondgenderyouth.org/

Central Scotland Transgender Group

 2nd Saturday of each month

The Central Scotland Transgender Group can be contacted by emailing Sarah at sarah_m_whyte@yahoo.co.uk

Edinburgh Trans Women 

 1st Saturday of each month 7.30-9.30pm                                                                          LGBT Health and Wellbeing, 9 Howe Street, Edinburgh, EH6 3TE.

Support group aimed at transsexual women at any stage of transition, women who are transgender and live as women full-time or part-time or for those who are questioning their gender identity.

We look forward to meeting you and prefer you to email us the first time you want to visit. This helps with security and helps us get ready to welcome you. 

Group contact: info@edinburghtranswomen.org.uk

Grampian T folk 

Meet in Aberdeen first Sunday of the month at 2pm.

A support group for all under the trans umbrella.

Contact by email: mail@fourpillarsuk.org

Me & T Monthly 

  4th Sunday of each month 2-4pm                                                                                       LGBT Health and Wellbeing, 9 Howe Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6TE

This is a supportive space for people who have friends, family or partners who are transgender or exploring their gender, and provides an opportunity to meet other people who may have similar experiences, questions or concerns.
Group contact: me.and.t.scotland@gmail.com.  Also read more about the group here –meandtscotland.wordpress.com

Non-Binary Scotland

Non-Binary Scotland is a group which provides support and social opportunities for people who either self-identify as out with the gender binary of men and women or are questioning whether they might.

Whether you are genderqueer, androgyne, third-gender, non-gender, agender, gender-fluid, gender-non-conforming or have any other non-binary identity you are always welcome!  Non-Binary Scotland began in November 2013. We will be meeting every couple of months in Edinburgh at first and may move to monthly meetings and additional locations if there is sufficient interest.  Some, but not all, of our events and meetings are also open to significant others, partners, friends, family and allies of non-binary people.

You can contact Non-Binary Scotland by emailing: nonbinaryscotland@gmail.com

You can tweet them: @NonBinaryScot

You can become a member of their Facebook group at:http://www.facebook.com/groups/nonbinaryscotland/

Our Tribe

 Last Saturday of each month, start at 7pm – Please feel free to arrive from    6.30/45pm                                                                                                            Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL.

Transgender and looking for a supportive place to explore or express your faith?  OUR TRIBE is the LGBT welcoming and affirming Christian ministry at Augustine United Church, Edinburgh. It is a joint ministry with worldwide denomination of Metropolitan Community Churches.  All are welcome – friends, family and allies.

If you would like further information contact Rev Maxwell Reay ourtribe.auc@gmail.com or call 07957 543359

Perth TG Group

1st Saturday of each month

There is a Facebook page for this Group. On Facebook just search: Perth TG Group. For further information regarding meetings in the Perth area, please email Katherine at:katherineburrows485@gmail.com

Sandyford Transwomen Support Group

1st Wednesday of each month from 6.00pm to 7.45pm and 3rd Saturday of each month from Noon to 2.00pm (Not within Sandyford)

A peer support group for transwomen who reside in Glasgow and the West of Scotland and beyond. Although we are affiliated to Sandyford and hold our Wednesday meetings there, we are a separate entity.

E-mail: sandyfordtranswomen@yahoo.co.uk

Additional group contact: Colin Mackillop – Community Access Coordinator by phone: 0141 211 8416 or by email contact: colin.mackillop@nhs.net

Shetland LGBT

Shetland LGBT is a social/support group for all LGBT+ people in Shetland. Social gatherings are usually held every 4 weeks or so in the Café/Bar in Mareel, and we can arrange to hold closed meetings for particular groups who prefer more privacy.

We have a growing transgender membership and are happy to arrange closed meetings if required.

All details of our events are published on our facebook page, Shetland LGBT.

Contact us on facebook, Shetland LGBT. (There is also a closed facebook page) or email ShetlandLGBT@gmail.com

Stirling LGBT Group

Out-here Group is new to Forth Valley and was set up to support adults from the LGBT community to come together.  It is a social & support group where the members can arrange their own social evenings as well as being able to meet and talk about day to day issues.  Currently the group is growing and is extremely welcoming to the LGBT community. With growing transgender members from rural areas, it’s proving to be extremely successful and open for the trans community to support each other and share advice on peoples transitions.  The group is facilitated by Terrence Higgins Trust (Scotland) staff and a trans volunteer and is promoted in the Forth Valley area.

For more information please contact Michael Harkin, Health Promotion Specialist – Forth Valley on 0141 332 3838 ormichael.harkin@tht.org.uk

Swans of Scotland

Self supporting help group for all Trans folk in the North of Scotland. Find out more and come along and have a chat, ask questions, be yourself.

Contact: www.spanglefish.com/swansofscotland

T Time Edinburgh

3rd Saturday of each month, 1-4pm, 9 Howe Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6TE

An informal monthly social gathering open to all transgender people, their friends, families and supporters. Come along for tea/coffee and a chat in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Contact jules@lgbthealth.org.uk for more information

T Time Glasgow

1st Saturday of each month, 1-4pm, 12 Queen’s Crescent, G4 9AS

An informal social gathering which welcomes trans and non-binary people and anyone questioning their gender identity. Come along for tea/coffee and a chat plus an optional event or activity in a friendly, relaxed environment. Contact katrina@lgbthealth.org.uk for more information.

TG Times 

 monthly at weekends                                                                                                      Dumfries

This is an adult social group that welcomes any person who is adult and identifies as Transgender, including those who are questioning their identity or are cross-dressing.  Please note that partners and supporters of Trans people are now welcome at the groups.

For more info contact D&G LGBT Centre on 01387 255 058.

For information on time and venue please contact the D&G LGBT Centre on: 01387 255 058 or email dandg@lgbtyouth.org.uk

Also to keep up to date on what’s happening at the D&G LGBT center checkout our websitewww.lgbtcentredg.co.uk or add us on Facebook: Dumfries LGBT Centre.

Trans Unite

A website which allows members of the transgender & non-binary communities to find a support group local to them (or even an online-only group):

Their website is located at: https://www.transunite.co.uk/

The site is run by volunteers and a not for profit organisation They are the most up to date resource for the UK and online based support groups; users can find a local group and even message them directly from their site using the “Contact Group” button. We don’t store any details and the site is secured by SSL.

TransForm Renfrewshire

Every two weeks on a Friday, 6pm onwards, Blend Cafè in Paisley (25b Causeyside Street)

A social and support group for Trans/Non-Binary people living in Renfrewshire. Find out more at their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/transformren

TransParent – Aberdeen

1st Wednesday of the month

A group for parents of trans people in the Aberdeen area

Contact mail@fourpillarsuk.org

TransparenTsees – group for parents of trans people  

 1st Thursday of the month, 6-8pm                                                                                2nd Floor at Sandyford, 2-6 Sandyford Place, Glasgow G3 7NB

The aim of the group, which has been set up by parents, is to provide a confidential, safe place for parents, carers and other family members of trans people to meet, discuss issues and ask questions of one another. You may just have found out that your child, whether young or grown-up, is trans, or you may still be grappling with the issues after many years of knowing – the group is for all parents, carers or other family members of trans people.

TransparenTsees also have groups in Edinburgh, and groups in Elgin.

Please contact: TransparenTsees@gmail.com for more details.

Trans Masculine Scotland

Trans Masculine Scotland is a support group run by and for the trans masculine community. We welcome all trans masculine (including non binary) folks aged 16+ who were assigned female at birth or socialised as female.

Our monthly meetings currently alternate between Edinburgh and Glasgow but we also participate in events and discussions throughout the country. Please get in touch with us at transmasculinescotland@gmail.com to hear more about our events or to sign up to our secret Facebook group.

Trans Youth D&G

A youth group for young people 12-26 who identify under the Transgender umbrella and their supportive friends meets monthly.

Contact julieann.karayilan@lgbtyouth.org.uk for more information

Trans Youth Glasgow over 18s group

Weekly on Monday evenings                                                                                      LGBT Youth Scotland in Glasgow.

TYG: Trans* Youth Glasgow is a group for young people aged 16 – 25 who identify as transgender or want to explore their gender identity.  The group aims to support and empower young people as they take part in workshops on transgender issues, sharing their own knowledge, skills and experience, learning from each other and making new friends.  For more info contact Martin Innes at martin.innes@lgbtyouth.org.uk

Trans Youth Glasgow under 18s group

Weekly on Tuesday evenings                                                                                      LGBT Youth Scotland in Glasgow.

TYG: Trans* Youth Glasgow is a group for young people aged 13 – 17 who identify as transgender or want to explore their gender identity.  The group aims to support and empower young people as they take part in workshops on transgender issues, sharing their own knowledge, skills and experience, learning from each other and making new friends.  For more info contact Mathew Wilkie at mathew.wilkie@lgbtyouth.org.uk