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It is only reChanging for the betterlatively recently in the UK that any transgender people have gained legal recognition in their acquired gender role (Gender Recognition Act 2004). Likewise UK protection from discrimination on grounds of gender reassignment only dates from 1999 in terms of employment, 2008 for goods, facilities and services and 2010 for education. The Equality Act 2010 is now the key piece of UK legislation providing gender reassignment discrimination and harassment protection and supercedes the previous Sex Discrimination Act’s Gender Reassignment regulations.

Many employers and service providers are still unclear about how to ensure that their actions support transgender people’s rights; eradicate transphobic discrimination; and advance equality for all transgender people. This section seeks to provide good practice guidance on transgender issues so that employers, service providers and transgender people can all feel confident in ensuring that transgender inclusion, equality and rights are upheld at all times.

In this section, you can find out more about: