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Gender reassignment

This aspect of health care is of such great concern to transsexual people, that it has been given its own section separate from the general health and social care good practice section on this website. Untreated gender dysphoria can severely damage people’s lives through resulting chronic severe depression and anxiety or even self-harm and suicide.  However, the provision of access to good patient-centred NHS Gender Identity Clinic services (such as gender dysphoria assessment, supportive counselling, hormones and surgery) can be life-enhancing and even fundamentally life-saving.

The Scottish Transgender Alliance and NHS Health Scotland worked in partnership to create the first NHS Scotland trans info poster which has been displayed in hundreds of diverse locations across Scotland. Please contact us if you would like a copy of the poster to display in your health service or voluntary sector organisation.

This section contains web pages giving information and guidance on the following subjects in relation to gender reassignment processes, equality and rights:

NHS Scotland trans info poster

NHS Scotland trans info poster