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Gender specialists

Transgender people do not need to know for certain whether they want to transition in order to choose to see one of the Scottish gender specialist doctors to explore the options available.  The Scottish gender specialists are experienced in helping a wide range of transgender people of all ages and identities.

It is important that people are open and honest with their gender specialist in order to receive the most appropriate assistance.  In the past many transgender people were concerned that gender specialists might only let them transition if they appeared likely to be straight/heterosexual once transitioned.  Fortunately, all the current Scottish gender specialists recognise that trans people can have a wide range of sexual orientations; both in terms of their sexual histories and future intentions.  The current Scottish gender specialists do not expect people to have any particular sexual orientation in order to transition.

In Scotland, there are two main NHS Gender Identity Clinics (GICs) – the Glasgow Sandyford GIC and the Edinburgh Chalmers GIC. There is also a small GIC in Aberdeen which is currently staffed through monthly visits by Dr Sarah Kennedy, the lead clinician of the Edinburgh Chalmers GIC. There is also a small GIC in Inverness which works in partnership with the Glasgow Sandyford GIC.

The Glasgow Sandyford Gender Identity Clinic accepts people from anywhere in Scotland.  The Sandyford NHS Gender Identity Clinic currently has around a 12 month waiting time for a first appointment.  Often people are referred to the Sandyford NHS Gender Identity Clinic by their GP Practice but it is also possible to self-refer to the clinic by phoning 0141 211 8137. The Glasgow Sandyford GIC accepts people of all ages because it has a specialist child and adolescent service.

The Edinburgh Chalmers Gender Identity Clinic accepts people from NHS Lothian, NHS Borders, NHS Fife. The Edinburgh Chalmers GIC currently has around a 14 month waiting time for a first appointment. The Edinburgh Chalmers GIC prefers people to be referred by their GP Practice to the clinic. The Edinburgh Chalmers GIC accepts people aged 17 or older.

A small number of trans people in Scotland see clinicians at private clinics, including: Dr Lyndsey Myskow at YourGP in Edinburgh and Dr Stuart Lorimer at Gendercare in London.