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Health & social care

There are significant health and social care equality issues for transgender people:

Scottish Trans Health Conference

In November 2012, we held the first ever Scottish Trans Health Conference where over 120 delegates participated in workshops on the following topics:

  • NHS Scotland Gender Reassignment (GR) ProtocolHealth Conference report front cover
  • Medical Records: Name, Gender and History
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health Services
  • Equality and Diversity Monitoring
  • Emotional and Mental Health Support and Wellbeing
  • Cancer Screening Services
  • Dignity and Inclusion within Mainstream Health Services
  • Exercise and Maintaining Physical Health

For full information, please read our detailed Scottish Trans Health Conference Report.

In November 2016 we held a second Scottish Trans Health Conference. The 2016 conference report will be uploaded here once it is finalised.

Being Trans in the European Union

A report done by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights in 2014 found  that 26% of trans people in the UK had felt discriminated when accessing  healthcare in the past 12 months. This was:

  • The joint 4th highest reporting of discrimination across all EU member states
  • Higher than the 22% average reported across all EU member states

To read the report in full, which also covers employment, education, hate  crime and many other areas, please click here

Mental Health

Inequalities in access to mental health services for transgender people are compounded by increased levels of depression, anxiety and alcohol abuse due to minority stress and social exclusion. These are further exacerbated by the lack of understanding about trans issues amongst many mental health services. Research conducted by us in 2012 found that:

  • 29% of trans people had their gender identity treated as a symptom of a mental health issue rather than their genuine identity
  • 17% of people were told that their mental health issues were due to being trans when they didn’t feel they were

For more information about the mental health needs of transgender people, please read our ground breaking research into trans mental health and wellbeing.

Good Practice

EHRC trans guidance

In 2007, the Equality and Human Rights Commission wrote guidance for the public sector on how to be more inclusive of trans people. This document includes some details on the specific problems that trans people may face in accessing health and social care, as well as some examples of good practice. For more information, read the Provision of goods, facilities and services to trans people guidance