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Our community engagement officer, Oceana, is here to help you connect with other trans people and to increase your understanding of trans equality in employment and service provision. They are keen to listen to your concerns and your ideas for improving trans people’s lives in Scotland. If you are interested in campaigning or community volunteering, then Oceana can provide you with skill development training opportunities and practical assistance.

Transgender Day of Visibility

The 31st of March is International Transgender Day of Visibility. It is a day to celebrate the lives and achievements of transgender people across the world. It aims to increase trans equality and empower trans people to live our lives freely and confidently.

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Scottish Trans Conference 2023 Zine

A zine put together by Coin-Operated Press from art created at our 2023 conference on the theme of “care and community” and quotes from facilitators who hosted sessions on the day.

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Trans terms

It is important to remember that trans terminology is constantly changing and evolving. Particularly as many terms are related to people’s personal identities, the terms may be used by different people to mean different things. Individual people will view themselves, and experience their lives, in unique ways. This is a non-exhaustive list of some common definitions in use in Scotland. The terms used in other languages and cultures can vary widely. 

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Useful Organisations

If you are trans or exploring your gender and you are looking for support, resources, services or information, there are a variety of national organisations and services you can access.

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Connecting with other trans people

There are small unfunded trans community groups and various social opportunities taking place across Scotland where you can reach out and connect with other trans folks, whether you are trans or exploring your gender. Many of these meetings have switched from face-to-face to online during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Coming soon - community voices!

We’re inviting anyone who would like to contribute to share personal experiences in the form of videos, artwork or written accounts from your own life that you think might resonate with others.

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