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Doing things differently

We want the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland to explore new ways of delivering transition healthcare that aim to make sure we can truly get the care we need and deserve. Read about three new services in England and other international good practice.

Three new services bring piloted in England

In London, the TransPlus service is delivered in a specialist sexual health clinic that has a history of delivering trans specific services.

In Manchester, the Indigo Gender Service is delivered mostly by GPs, in partnership with LGBT organisations.

In Merseyside, the CMagic service is more similar to a Gender Identity Clinic, but focused on being a collaboration between GPs, specialists and trans communities.

International good practice

Around the world, there are lots of other examples of transition healthcare done differently, that work better for trans people than Scotland’s current system:

Trans Care BC

Sherbourne Health

Planned Parenthood

Haoura Tāhine

Know of others that should be on this list? Tell us about them!

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