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All trans people deserve healthcare that supports us to make well informed decisions about our transitions, our bodies and lives.

What needs to change in trans healthCARE?

Right now, many trans people are waiting years to access gender identity services. When we are finally offered appointments, too many of us experience long travel distances, frustrating inconsistences and lack of person-centred care.

We need healthCARE that delivers for all trans people:
Collaborative – supporting informed consent and person-centred care.
Accessible – fully including diverse trans people all across Scotland.
Resourced – funding that achieves NHS waiting time standards.
Equal – ending healthcare discrimination against trans people.

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Trans children and young people

Every single child and young person should get the care that is right for them, at the time that is right for them. We don’t believe that that is currently possible for trans children and young people in Scotland. It is absolute vital that any changes to children and young people’s services in Scotland result in services that meet the needs of each and every one of them.

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Impact of waiting

Join in creating a word cloud to highlight the impact of long waits for first appointments at Gender Identity Clinics. This will help people who are not trans to better understand why improvements must be made.

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Doing things differently

We want the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland to explore new ways of delivering transition healthcare that aim to make sure we can truly get the care we need and deserve. Read about three new services in England and other international good practice.

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How was your GIC appointment?

Please spend a couple of minutes completing this very short anonymous survey about your most recent GIC appointment. This will help us understand what’s being done well and poorly by the current NHS gender identity clinics in Scotland.

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Scottish Gender Identity Services

In Scotland, there are currently four NHS Gender Identity Clinics (GICs) – Glasgow Sandyford GIC (adults and young people), Edinburgh Chalmers GIC (adults), Aberdeen Cornhill GIC (adults), and Inverness Raigmore GIC (adults). There is also a private sector GIC for adults provided by Your-GP in Edinburgh.

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NHS Complaints

Sometimes, our experiences when using healthcare are so bad that it makes sense to complain about them. This can help you get changes to your care, and can help improve services for everyone. We know it can feel nerve wracking to complain, so we’ve got some tips and info.

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