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We undertake and contribute to a wide variety of research into the lives and experiences of trans people in Scotland.

This research shapes our work, raises awareness of the issues affecting trans people and is used to inform policy makers.

Assisting researchers

There is still a lack of research on trans people’s needs and we don’t have the capacity to undertake all the research needed to fill the gaps in knowledge. However, we are uniquely placed to be able to consult with and survey trans community groups and individuals in Scotland in order to build up a more comprehensive picture of their needs and experiences. Therefore, Scottish Trans can be of assistance to researchers wishing to undertake research in this area.

We can:

  • give guidance on priority areas for research in relation to trans issues
  • help researchers to avoid causing any accidental offence or distress to trans people
  • help to encourage trans groups and individuals to feel confident about participating due to our involvement and endorsement of specific research projects.

Academics or organisations interested in carrying out research with transgender people in Scotland are invited to contact us for assistance.

We recommend starting with reading the paper “TransForming Research Practice – Collaborative Foundations in Trans and Non-Binary Inclusive Research”. It is a write-up of a seminar at the University of Strathclyde (in partnership with Scottish Trans and the British Sociological Association) in 2016 about doing research with trans, including non-binary, people.

You can download our previously published research from the ‘Resources’ section of our website.

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