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Scottish Trans placards being carried on Pride Edinburgh march

About Scottish Trans

We work to improve gender identity and gender reassignment equality, rights and inclusion in Scotland.

We are inclusive of non-binary people.

We strive for everyone in Scotland to be safe and valued whatever their gender identity and gender reassignment status and to have full freedom in their gender expression.

Who we are

There are currently three full-time Scottish Trans staff within the Equality Network:

Scottish Trans Manager

Vic Valentine (they/them)

Scottish Trans Policy & Public Affairs Officer

Florence Oulds (she/her)

Scottish Trans Community Engagement Coordinator

Oceana Maund (they/them)

Scottish Trans is also currently hosting a fourth full time member of staff, as part of the Scottish Government’s NHS Gender Identity Services Strategic Action Framework 2021-2024:

Lived Experience Coordinator

Ryan Butter (he/they)

About Equality Network

The Equality Network was founded back in 1997 as a national organisation working for LGBT rights and equality in Scotland and is a registered charity governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. Scottish Trans has been an Equality Network project since 2007.

We strive to be inclusive and open in our work, to challenge discrimination and to consult, involve and inform the individuals and the communities for which we work.

Partnership is a key part of our approach, and much of what we do involves working in partnership with diverse LGBTI people, other trans and LGBTI organisations, and with organisations working in the wider equality and human rights field.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Rebecca Don Kennedy (she/her)

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30 Bernard Street
Edinburgh EH6 6PR

Scottish Trans is part of the Equality Network