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Useful organisations

If you are trans or exploring your gender and you are looking for support, resources, services or information, there are a variety of national organisations and services you can access. Have a look at the following contacts that you can reach out to.

LGBT Health & Wellbeing

LGBT Health and Wellbeing have a Trans Support Programme available for those 16+, where you can access emotional support, resources, guidance and information. One to one appointments are available by request, and counselling is available as well.

Trans support programme in Edinburgh: ryan@lgbthealth.org.uk

Trans support programme in Glasgow: katrina@lgbthealth.org.uk

Counselling: counselling@lgbthealth.org.uk

It runs the LGBT Helpline Scotland which is open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12-9pm, and every Thursday and Sunday from 1-6pm. Phone: 0300 123 2523.

LGBT Youth Scotland

LGBT Youth Scotland have support available for trans youth in Scotland between the ages of 13-25. There you can access emotional support, resources, guidance and information.

Contact info@lgbtyouth.org.uk for more information.


Mermaids supports transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse children and young people until their 20th birthday, as well as their families and professionals involved in their care. Mermaids offers support to enable freedom for young people to explore their gender identity, and helps families navigate the challenges they may face.

Contact at info@mermaidsuk.org.uk


MindOut is a mental health service run by and for lesbians, gay, bisexual, trans and queer people with experience of mental health issues. They work to improve the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTQ communities and to make mental health a community concern. This includes providing safe spaces for people to meet and support each other, helping people protect their rights and get their voices heard, and campaigning and creating conversations about LGBTQ mental health.

Contact at info@mindout.org.uk.

Galop (LGBTQ+ Domestic abuse)

Galop support all LGBT+ people ages 16+ who have experienced hate crime, domestic abuse or sexual violence by providing advice, support and help. Galop also has a dedicated Trans Advocacy Service which can offer confidential advice and support by telephone, email or face-to-face for people who have experienced violence, abuse or transphobia.

Contact at 0800 999 5428, Monday-Friday 10:00am – 5:00pm, Wednesday-Thursday 10:00am – 8:00pm.

Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre

Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre offer free and confidential emotional and practical support, information and advocacy to women, all members of the trans community, non-binary people and young people age 12-18 in Edinburgh, East and Midlothian, who have experienced sexual violence at any time in their lives. This includes, rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, childhood sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation.

Contact the Rape Crisis Scotland helpline (6pm-midnight) at 08088 01 03 02 or text: 07537 410 027, or support@ercc.scot.

Telephone and Web Chat Helplines

You can contact the following national helplines for emotional support, resources and information.

LGBT Helpline Scotland can be accessed by phone for those 16+, 0300 123 2523, available Tuesday & Wednesday 12-9pm, Thursday & Sunday 1-6pm.

LGBT Foundation is accessible by phone, 0345 330 3030, Mondays-Fridays 9am-5pm.

Mindline Transline can be reached by  phone at 0300 330 5468, Mondays and Fridays 8pm-midnight.

LGBT Switchboard has an online chat available on their website and can be reached by phone, 0300 330 0630, available everyday 10am-10pm.

Mind Out offers a chatline on their website and the hours are updated each time they are available to show when they are online.

Intercom Trust is an LGBTQ charity which offers a helpline available at 0800 612 3010.

LGBT Youth Scotland have online chat available to young people ages 13-25 on their website Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm.

Mermaids have phone lines open to young people up to age 20 and their families Mondays-Fridays from 9am–9pm at 0808 801 0400.

Galop offer specialist web chat on their website for LGBT+ people experiencing violence and abuse, including hate crime, sexual violence and domestic abuse, and have phone lines available, 020 7704 2040, Wednesdays and Thursdays 5-8pm.

Trans-friendly private sector counselling

Pink Therapy are the UK’s largest independent therapy organisation working with gender and sexual diversity clients. They aim to promote high quality therapy and training services for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and others who identify as being gender or sexual diversities.

To reach out, go to their website and fill in the form to find a therapist in your area.

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