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Our work

Our work all aims to make Scotland a better place for trans people. We strive for a world in which a person’s gender identity, gender expression or trans status or history doesn’t cause them to face discrimination or injustice.

Scottish Trans large trans flag and placards on Pride march.

Scottish Government funded outcomes

The Scottish Trans Alliance is currently funded by the Scottish Government Equality Unit to achieve three project outcomes. The outcomes relate to trans equality policy work, trans community engagement, and trans visibility.

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Lots of our work involves trying to make sure that legislation proposed in the Scottish Parliament improves the lives of trans people as much as possible.

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We undertake and contribute to a wide variety of research into the lives and experiences of trans people in Scotland. This research shapes our work,  raises awareness of the issues affecting trans people and is used to inform policy makers.

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Scottish Trans Forums

We hold Scottish Trans conferences, roundtables and other forum meetings to enable trans people to come together to help shape trans equality work in Scotland.

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Scottish Trans is part of the Equality Network