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We hold conferences, parliamentary receptions, roundtables and other forum meetings:

  • To increase networking and knowledge sharing between individuals and organisations from across Scotland who are interested in trans equality and human rights;
  • To increase consultation of a diverse range of trans people from across Scotland about their priorities and viewpoints in regard to trans equality, rights and inclusion;
  • To increase the active involvement of a diverse range of trans people in steering the development of, and volunteering within, the work of Scottish Trans.

Our next Scottish Trans Forum will be announced here soon

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our Scottish Trans Forums are currently taking place online using Zoom. We’re in the middle of planning our next forum and will announce the details here soon.

A stylised jigsaw piece, location marker, pound sign and equals sign to symbolise collaborative, accessible, resourced and equal healthcare

Previous Forum - Feb 2021

Over 60 trans people participated in a Zoom discussion and Q&A with Scottish Trans staff about campaigning to improve trans healthcare, and how to make a real difference by getting involved.

Previous Forum - Dec 2020

What Makes Great Care?

Scottish Trans, LGBT Health & Wellbeing and Stonewall Scotland, in partnership with the National Gender Identity Clinical Network for Scotland (NGICNS) and NHS Scotland, held this online forum for trans men, trans women and non-binary people currently attending or waiting to attend Scottish Gender Identity Clinics.

Over 50 trans people attended to share their views and help us plan work to improve NHS gender identity services. Health professionals attended from all four Scottish Gender Identity Clinics and from NHS National Services Scotland.

Speech bubbles containing the words "what makes great care?"
Screenshot of some of the roundtable participants

Previous Forum - Sept 2020

Ministerial Roundtable

Online roundtable on 17 September 2020 with Christina McKelvie MSP, Minister for Older People and Equalities

This online forum brought together representatives from local trans groups across Scotland to enable them to raise concerns about various trans equality issues directly with the Scottish Government.

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