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Help to shape the Scottish Government’s Non-Binary Equality Action Plan

In August, the Scottish Government are holding three focus groups to inform the development of their non-binary equality action plan.

They want to speak to non-binary people from all over Scotland about the actions they’re planning to take to improve non-binary people’s lives. They will use what they learn from these focus groups as part of the development of the final plan before it is published – so it really makes a difference.

We are helping the Scottish Government reach non-binary people and select participants, but they will be holding and running the focus groups.

The focus groups will be facilitated by an independent, non-binary facilitator. They will also be attended by Scottish Government officials – both from the LGBTI equality policy team who are leading on drafting the plan, but also officials from relevant parts of the Scottish Government who are going to be delivering some of the changes. This means you have a real opportunity to have your views heard, and make a difference to the final plan that is published.

All of the focus groups will be held online.

Each of the focus groups will cover different parts of the non-binary equality action plan. These will be:

1.     Healthcare – Tuesday 1st August 2023
2.     Legislation, Guidance, Access to Services, and Data & Research – Thursday 3rd August 2023
3.     Participation in Decision-Making, Children & Young People, and Sport – Tuesday 8th August 2023

Please note that we need you to register your interest for the focus groups by Friday 14th July 2023.

To take part, you need to be a non-binary person living in Scotland who is over 18 years old. You don’t need to be an expert in the law or policy – you just need to be happy to talk about your experiences and share your views on the Scottish Government’s plans.

The Scottish Government are particularly keen to hear from non-binary people who are marginalised in multiple ways. In particular, the Working Group for Non-Binary Equality had no participants from ethnic minorities, and so the Scottish Government would particularly like to hear from non-binary people from racialised minorities as it is vitally important to consider intersectional inequality when shaping the action plan.

To register your interest and for more information, please fill out the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/nonbeapsgfg23 

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