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16 June 2020   |    News

Letter to The Sun from trans activists

Below in full is the letter we wrote to the Sun in response to their front page on 12th June 2020, as well as a full list of signatories.

You can read media coverage of the letter at:

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Dear Victoria Newton,

We write to you in shock and dismay at the abhorrent front page of today’s Sun Newspaper (12/6/2020) in which you gave voice to JK Rowling’s abuser. Misogyny is a pervasive force and one that treats survivors and victims of sexual and domestic violence as bylines to their abusers story. We stand alongside JK Rowling in this cruel and malicious reporting, which sends a dangerous message to all survivors that their stories are only valid when corroborated by their abusers. It sends a message to all survivors of domestic and sexual violence that they will not be believed, and it is dangerous.

Though her disclosure of domestic violence came in the middle of a long post detailing her anti-trans views, this does nothing to alter our unwavering solidarity with all survivors of domestic violence including JK Rowling. We condemn your appalling and salacious front page; a violation of both dignity and privacy. Vulnerable groups should not be used to sell newspapers. As Trans people we often fall victim to the same salacious reporting and stand against all misogyny and violence against women.

We demand three things:


Shon Faye, Writer

Christine Burns MBE, Author and Retired Campaigner

Travis Alabanza, Artist

Roz Kaveney, Poet and Novellist

Juno Dawson, Author and screenwriter

Rae Spoon, Musician and writer

Kuchenga, Writer

Neil McDonald MBE, campaigner

Emma Frankland, Artist and Writer

Nim Ralph, Activist and Writer

Cara English, Head of Public Engagement, Gendered Intelligence

Maria Munir, Trans Lead, Amnesty Rainbow Network

Jo Gower, Vice Chair of Amnesty UK’s Rainbow Network

Dr Ronx, Emergency Medicine Doctor, TV Presenter

Dr Sam Martin, University of Oxford

Meg-John Barker, Writer

Jane Fae

Dr Harry Josephine Giles, Writer and Performer

Chay Brown, co-founder TransActual UK

Mia Violet, Author

Rudy Loewe, Visual Artist

Mika Minio-Paluello, Economist

Dr Ben Vincent, PhD

CN Lester

Freddy McConnell, Journalist/Writer

Dr Ruth Pearce, Trans Learning Partnership

Dr Natacha Kennedy, Goldsmiths College

Michelle O’Toole, What The Trans podcast

Andrea Di Giovanni, singer-songwriter and performer

Dr Jay Stewart, CE, Gendered Intelligence

Adi Daly-Gourdialsing, Head of Patient Services, Gender GP

Riley Coles

Juliet Jacques, Writer/Filmmaker

Fox Fisher, Author and Co-Director of My Genderation CIC

Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir (Owl), Co-Director of My Genderation CIC

Tara Hewitt, Co-Founder Trans Equality Legal Initiative

Aidan Comerford, Writer

Teddy Lamb, Playwright and Performer

Jamie Windust, Writer

Alexa Moore, Director of TransgenderNI

Ted Lavis Coward, member of Queer House Party

Rory Finn, Co-Founder Trans Can Sport

Sabah Choudrey, Trans youth worker, public speaker, writer

Liv Wynter, Artist, support worker, refuge worker

Adrianne Elson, TransPride NI

Rokayah Abdulmajed, activist and secondary school teacher

Bethany Black

Sofie Hagen

Andrea Lawlor, writer

Claire Birkenshaw, Leeds Beckett University

Dr Isabel Waidner, University of Roehampton,

Dr Bee Hughes, Acting Chair LJMU UCU, Artist, Educator & Researcher

Kate Moross, Creative Director

Sarah Savage, chair of TransPride Brighton

Wednesday Holmes, Artist and Community Organiser

Carla Ecola, Founding Director, The Outside Project and STAR Refuge

Dr Francis Ray White, University of Westminster

Dr Jennifer Fraser, University of Westminster

Dr Michael Toze, PhD

Dr Tray Yeadon-Lee, Academic

Dr Onni Gust, University of Nottingham

Vic Valentine, Scottish Trans Policy Officer

James Morton, Scottish Trans Manager

Becky Kaufmann, Scottish Trans Justice Policy Officer

Oceana Maund, Scottish Trans Community Engagement Officer

Sahaf Hardouf, Kolot HaKeshet

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