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12 August 2021   |    News

Scottish Government publishes “Supporting Transgender Pupils in Schools” Guidance

Today, Scottish Trans and LGBT Youth Scotland welcome the news that the Scottish Government have launched an updated resource for supporting transgender pupils in schools.

Dr Mhairi Crawford, Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, said:

“We welcome the publication of the Scottish Government’s resource on supporting trans young people in schools and hope that all teachers take the opportunity to put its guidance into practice in their classrooms, allowing all learners to achieve their full potential.

“Our research shows that school is the area where trans young people experience the most discrimination and this must be addressed. Teachers and school leadership often tell us that they lack the knowledge and confidence to effectively support trans young people. This resource will guide school staff on how best to do so, improving the lives of trans young people and enabling them to thrive.”

Vic Valentine, Manager of Scottish Trans, said:

“When I talk to trans young people today, I’m often really encouraged when I hear just how much more they feel able to be themselves at school than I felt able to be. But even though things are getting better, far too many trans young people continue to have bad experiences at school.

“That’s why we strongly welcome this Scottish Government guidance, that will give schools and teachers the tools they need to make sure that all of their pupils can learn in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment.”

We strongly believe that the publication of this resource is a landmark development and here’s why:

Read the guidance here

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