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13 October 2015   |    News

Scottish Trans gives evidence at the Women and Equalities Committee Inquiry into Trans Equality

On Tuesday 13th October at 10.30AM, Scottish Trans manager, James Morton, gave oral evidence to the Women and Equalities Committee’s inquiry into trans equality. The session covered a wide range of issues to do with how trans people’s equality is affected by the law, and also trans equality within employment.

8 September 2015   |   News

Trans Inquiry Live on Parliament TV

You can watch the Trans Inquiry being held by the Women and Equalities Select Committee live on Parliament TV. The topics being discussed today are health, as well as hate crime & transphobia.

4 September 2015   |   News

Irish Gender Recognition Act signed into law

We’re delighted to hear that Ireland’s Gender Recognition Act is now being signed into law.

24 August 2015   |   News

Scottish Trans at Glasgow Pride

This Saturday, 22nd August, Scottish Trans, Equality Network, and lots of our lovely volunteers lead the Pride march through Glasgow to call for trans rights now.

7 August 2015   |   News

Polish Senate passes first Gender Recognition Law

TGEU released the following press statement about the passage of Poland’s first ever Gender Recognition Law.

19 June 2015   |   News

EU Commission says that all trans people should be protected from discrimination

On May 5th, the EU Commission published a report on the implementation of the Gender Goods & Services Directive stating that anti-discrimination law should apply to all trans people.

22 April 2015   |   News

Ask your MSPs to support gender X passports for people who do not identify as men or women

We’re delighted that Alison Johnstone MSP has submitted the following motion in the Scottish Parliament supporting non-gendered passports for non-binary people.

6 February 2015   |   News

WPATH Issues Statement on Legal Gender Recognition

On 19 January, 2015 the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) issued a statement asserting its position regarding legal gender recognition.

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